Monday, March 17, 2014

New Name, Same Game!

Time to update my settings....
You can see I've decided to do a little name change.
Bles-id started with a sugar scrub company... with a blog to go along.
Then the company became too much to handle.
But I liked blogging; so I kept the blog.
Even though I'm still very blessed (bles-id)  I do way more eating, thrifting and loving.
Here I thought it would be so easy.  Change the name; easy peasy.
Now bles-id has ceased to exist, along with every single link.
This might be a nice time to reboot.  At least that is what I'm telling myself!
So as I'm updating Hometalk, Bloglovin, Twitter  and a billion other things hang with me!
xoxo Jules

Monday, March 10, 2014

Thrift Store Runway

Guess who is a speaker at the
Northern California Association Mother of Twins Club Event?
Whoa... say that five times fast...
I'm slightly freaking out because one hour is a long time to talk.
If they get bored they could probably just take a nap.
I bet a mother's of twins need lots of naps.

In my search for neat things to show the ladies,  I discovered the coolest site!
Million Dollar Looks.  Fifty Dollar Budgets.

It made me miss my weekly thrifted outfits posts.
So for old times sake I'm bringing back a favorite:

Formula X Leopard Jacket - Garage Sale $2.00
Ann Taylor Ruffled Blouse - Hope Chest Thrift Store$2.99
Top 10 Black Pants - Priceless TreasuresThrift $1.99
Unlisted Shoes - Priceless Treasures Thrift $3.99
Thrifted Necklace - Goodwill $1.50

I just HAD to enter Thrift Store Runway's March contest.  They say, "
Anyone can have fabulous style on a movie star's salary, 
but it takes real talent to put together a stylish look on a budget."  
I love that quote.  Almost as I love getting a good deal!  
Wish me luck for my speaking event.  I hope the ladies are inspired to start thrifting and upcycling and that we all have fun!  I have a rack of thrifted clothes ready for my "dress a mannequin" contest, my thrifty tips list and a bunch of upcycled projects to share.  Wish you could be there too... 

xoxo jules

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Vanity Light Shade into Vase

 Over Christmas I made some cutie pie arrangements for my table.
They were inspired by these glass vanity light shades.
Thrift store score $1.99
I thought the "shades" would look so adorable filled with Baby's Breath.
However the bunch of Baby's Breath I grabbed at the florist was $18.00.
Yikes. Too rich for my blood!  Off to Home Depot.
 They had these Amaryllis for so cheap.  $2.49
 I also purchased some Spanish Moss to cover up the dirt.
 I put some packing tape over the hole in the bottom just in case things got messy, then added a Dollar Store square vase and transplanted the Amaryllis.
Cover the ugly with Spanish Moss and ...
I think they turned out so great!
3 of them down the center of the table ... perfect!
And total cost was about $15.00.
That's less than a bunch of Baby's Breath!

Make it a thrifty and wonderful day... xoxo jules

Friday, February 28, 2014

Well, Hello There!

My goal for the day is to write a blog post.
Not take a shower, exercise or eat clean.
Just write a post.
It's been too long.

What have I been up to?

Homeschooling these two beauties...

Potty Training this beast...
Getting my hair chopped...
Moving my daddy to an assisted living facility.
Very, very difficult...

Playing with my phone.
NOT Flappy Bird!
OK, maybe Flappy Bird.
Waterlogue too...
Making vanity light covers into planters...
Celebrating 17 years of marriage...
Realizing we are ALL here for a special reason.

I hope you have a beautiful and productive day...

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Target to the rescue!

All you need for a super cute teacher's gift this year is a trip to Target and a cute tag!
How easy is that?
 A bucket from the dollar bin, some lotion, a fun pair of socks and a sweet nail polish.
You can make it as inexpensive as you'd like, or splurge to make it extra special!

For a really cute tag, check out this darling blog:
Taylored Expressions
Download a free tag and
 you can wish someone cute and cozy toes too!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas Tour 2013

I know what I like when it comes to decorating.
If something is getting all sweet and vintage-y
I have to add in some modern to toughen it up a bit.
When I do Christmas decor it's the same thing...
So, Welcome!  It's a super simple Christmas around here...
 This yard sale chair gets a little bit of posh with a Pottery Barn pillow.
The vintage camping chair sports a modern square plate, ornaments and orchids.
 I'm loving my photo wreaths this year.  Lots of fun vintage photos of my family.
 A good place to snuggle in and read The Night Before Christmas.
 Fireplace is white and gold and rust this year.
 Those silhouettes are thrifted... $1.29 each.
 DIY cut log end table with initials and bling.
My flea market cart even got in on the action...
 A bit of rosemary brings life to the lantern.

 This little guy is one of my favorites... He started off life like this:
$4.00 from thrift store +  white spray paint = LOVE!
 We always fill FIRE BOOTS in place of stockings.
 These garage sale numbers spice up some thrifted candlesticks.
The little picture is my father-in-law at a Christmas long ago.
All 4 brothers had to share a sheriff set.
 We have to give a nod to the sweet doxie in our home.

I love to add glitz to our guest bath.
My son keeps complaining it's hard to get ready in the morning
when you can't see yourself in the mirror!
 This table in our front entry belonged to my grandfather.
 Another shot of the entry.
I'm been collecting these vintage frames and finally put them up!
Cow rug is from IKEA.
 Dollar Store tree and house (spray painted!) on a plate filled with snow.
Don't you love ornaments that show your personality and obsessions?
Still loving my snow globe inspired by Eclectically Vintage.
It ended up in the kitchen...
 Speaking of kitchens, mine is tiny.  Actually this whole house isn't that big.  I'm standing at the back wall of the living room!
 Table covered with sugar sacks and greens...
I had to separate my doe and buck ... I don't need those things getting out of hand!
These bulbs are one of my favorite Christmas things.  They are all thrifted!
This year I'm calling my tree the Leaning Tower of Treeza.
That thing just won't stand up straight!
 This little vintage guy got a coat of chrome paint.  He was scaring the kids before.
I thrifted him for 79 Cents!
Top of the fridge gets some antlers and junk.
This little kitchen gets big action around here.  We just finished up our
First Annual Gingerbread House Decorating Contest.
It was so much fun for our family!
 My hubby was the clear winner.
 Bedrooms all get their own little trees... this was the only room clean to show!
 What says "Christmas" more than a lava lamp???
We went bold with our wrapping paper this year,
 then simple with the chalkboard tags.
From our family to yours... Merry Christmas!
May you find joy with family and friends
As we celebrate our Savior's Birth!

If you want tours from Christmases Past, where I must admit I went a little crazy

xoxo jules