Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Father's Day Craft

How do these three kids...
Show their love for their daddy?

By making him a Father's Day Craft, of course!

We started at the 99 Cent Store.  
All good things start there, right?

They have these great little boards that are 
perfect for BBQ-ing.  
Or crafting; whatever floats your boat.

Speaking of boats, I want one of these:

That's a 1941 Chris Craft.  
I will take the dock and lake house too.

They painted the boards with chalkboard paint 
because it was the only black I had on hand.

Then I cut out a stencil on my Cricut.  Chirp Chirp.


How would you fill in the blank?

Here is how they did...

A fixie is a kind of bike.  That's about all I know about the subject and my boy is obsessed by them right now.  Candy and bacon need no explanation:  YUMMO!  

Happy Father's Day to all those great daddies out there.
I love my own... and I love the one my kids have.
He's a keeper.

xoxo jules


  1. He is a keeper! More than candy? That's a lot of LOVE! Great idea Jules!

  2. I love these answers! Just posted on Craft Gossip, great Father's Day Craft!!

  3. I think I might just have to make one of these for my husband for Christmas!

  4. Great idear as usual! I bet your hubs loved it!