Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sneaky Peeky

I thought it would be nice to give a little sneaky peeky on how my living room is shaping up.  It is ALMOST done, hallelujah and amen.
So excited that I finally have an office area.  
Now if I just had more money for the bills...

$10.00 thrifted desk painted in Swiss Coffee.  I used the same knobs that came with it; I didn't want it to think it was completely inadequate.
These trunks came from our local thrift and have been put to work holding all my crafting supplies.
These window frames are from an old shop that my dad helped clean out.
FREE to me, I did knock out the panes since several were broken, and sanded off the chipping lead paint.  I'm still looking for something to hang on it.
Suggestions welcome.
Yep, you are seeing correctly... our new sectional FINALLY came last night, after 7 weeks.  {6 of those we sat on our patio furniture}  Were we ever glad to see it. 
 This is a peek of the corner.
I've been doing a bit of yard sale shopping to replace what I got rid of in my own yard sale.  No logic there, whatsoever.  In fact, it makes me feel silly.
  That sweet little owl was a garage sale find.
Can you believe I found Scrabble at a yard sale?  I scooped it up faster than you can say triple word score!
I totally wasn't planning on it, but I saw this rug at Home Fabrics and couldn't resist.  It was $125.00... for a 9 x 11!

We can't wait until this room is put together.  I think it will be place our whole family will enjoy.  We each have a comfy place to sit on family movie night and it's looking brighter and more fresh, which I love!

xoxo jules


  1. I was hoping that big truck in front of your house yesterday brought you a comfy place to rest your tiny heiny! You know I'm going to have to find a flimsy excuse to come and see it all. I love the glimpses you've shared!!


    1. I'm surprised you didn't hear my squeal of delight when that truck pulled up! You never need an excuse... come see anytime! xoxo

  2. Loved the sneak peek! Great job on the desk and I LOVE the window panes. No idea what I would do with them either but they look awesome - very creative. And as far as Scrabble - EVERY time I see it at a yard sale or thrift shop I snatch it up! Those letter tiles can be used for so much!

  3. Looking so good Jules! Love those trunks and window frames - and didn't that desk come up a treat!!! Wow. You have a real eye for great bargans. :)

    Later alligator!
    Sheree x0x

  4. All those components are adding up to something wonderful! Aaah - a new sectional! Nothing like fresh, new seating! I bet your whole house feels new! Thanks always for making such awesome comments on my posts. Makes me want to call you up and chat. You are a favorite blog friend of mine!!!

  5. I'm looking forward to the final reveal. Adding those windows to the wall was a brilliant idea - it looks lovely. I'm so excited for you! {And the scrabble pieces are my favorite!}


  6. Love, love, love...the splashes of fresh green, the chevron stripes, the soothing color palette, everything! This is a room I want to spend time in.

  7. Hey Julia,
    I found you through the Prowess and Pearls link up. Loving your blog, and your style!!

    I am new to the blogosphere. You can check me out at

    Cannot wait for the final pics. :)

  8. SO fun to see how you decorated and found all your cool decor!! LOVE it! Visiting from Doing You Well link up! :)

  9. ....and I am going to steal your sectional sofa and your wardrobe before you even know they are gone then we'll meet for coffee in Utah! :) I will kiss both of your cheeks like a true New England-er....except I am really a Utah girl that won't care if you are a Mormon or a democrat :) That will be unique if we meet in Utah!:)xo

    1. DEAL! Oh my gosh, you had me laughing. Let's hit Deseret Industries... dare I call it DI ... while we are in Utah! So unfair that UT is closer to me. { I will feed you snickers to make up for it.} Since you are a "local" you can show me around!
      PS... Bring Mazi!!!

  10. I love the desk, you did a great job! I'm glad it didn't feel bad : ) I look forward to see how you pull it all together.

  11. This room is going to be so great. Can't wait to see it all put together. The frames look wonderful. Would you want to hang a few hand-written thoughts or scriptures on them? I love the trunks too!

    Warmly, Michelle